Universidade NOVA de Lisboa has a unique set of research and teaching competences in health, in Portugal.

NOVA’s scientific expertise covers a wide range of areas, going from basic research, the molecule, to health policies, on the population and patient’s bedside. A major challenge to Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is to take the significant potential that exists to further development in research, teaching and contribution to society. Increasing general awareness of the activities developed by each research centre and of the interests and competences of the University’s researchers and faculty staff is also a central element to capitalize on this potential.

The programme NOVAhealth defines its mission as to improve internal knowledge and promote collaborations between NOVA’s academic units. Its vision is to achieve both national and international recognition of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa as a leading institution in research and academia. 

NOVAhealth Initiative

SYNAPSE Platform: Available soon. Professor Pedro Vieira (FCT) leads the project.

Joint research fellowships: Intend to reinforce health-related research activities between faculties inside of the University. It provides initial financial support to shared projects of researchers from different academic units.

NOVA opinion: Produced two policy papers about clinical research and health research in Portugal. They will be published and discussed publicly.

NOVAhealth annual research meeting : technical meeting of 1 day devoted to health research produced inside of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. The purpose of the meeting is to disseminate the research developed within NOVA in health-related fields.

  • III Scientific Day NOVAhealth – 10th November 2016
  • II Scientific Day NOVAhealth – 9th November 2015
  • I Scientific Day NOVAhealth – 3th November 2014

Research meetings NOVAhealth: Periodic sessions reporting research with themes selected by researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral) of NOVAhealth. The meetings aim to share knowledge among teachers and researchers about research held in different academic units within NOVA, boosting the development of joint initiatives in the future. Research meetings may be proposed by the coordination of NOVAhealth or by faculty staff and researchers, benefiting from NOVAhealth support. Some meetings are organized in partnership with outside entities operating in the health sector.

NOVAhealth workshops 2016

  • 1st Data Base Workshop – 15th January 2016
  • Literacy and Health Communication Workshop – 5th April 2016
  • Precision Medicine Workshop – 11th April 2016
  • Management and Efficiency of Healthcare Organizations Workshop – 27th April 2016
  • Health Informatics Workshop – 29th April 2016
  • 2nd Genetics Workshop – 30th May 2016
  • Workshop Public Health@NOVA - 6th June 2016
  • Workshop on Primary Healthcare - 16th November 2016

Joint workshops with the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health (DGS):

  • 2nd NOVA/DGS Cancer Epidemiology Workshop – 8th January 2016
  • 3rd NOVA/DGS Mental Health and Epidemiology Workshop – 20th May 2016
  • 4th NOVA/DGS Cancer Epidemiology Workshop (II) – 21st October 2016
  • 5th NOVA/DGS Respiratory Diseases Epidemiology Workshop – 16th December 2016

Workshops em parceria com o Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge:

  • NOVA/INSA Workshop on Vector-borne Diseases - 26th September 2016
  • 2nd NOVA/INSA Workshop on Vector-borne Diseasess - 19th October 2016

Previous workshops

Provides information about applications for scientific awards on health.

Provides information on opportunities of partnerships for scientific research in health and health-related fields.